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George S. Mentz, Esq. - Atty at Law

Mr. Mentz is licensed to practice law in Louisiana and the Federal Courts of the EDLA and has been a member of the Tax, Trusts & Estates & International Law Sections of the Bar. Mr. Mentz is chiefly a consultant and professor in the areas of class action lawsuits, secuities law, personal injury, quantum financial analysis, ethics, international law, business, public relations, and financial law, and he has recently been quoted or featured in the US Wall Street Journal, Financial Times Asia, The Hindu National and El Norte Mexico. Mr. Mentz has written and published in multiple venues around the world in Radio, TV, magazines, web-casts, and journals. More on Prof. Mentz

Mr. Mentz holds and earned his Juris Doctorate after completing courses at Loyola University School of Law, Tulane Law School and William and Mary Law School. Moreover, Mr. Mentz holds an MBA in International Business and Financial Planning from an AACSB accredited business school.

Mr. Mentz is a Professor with the American Academy of Financial Management and is on faculty with the WDD Graduate International Taxation LLM Program. Moreover, Prof. Mentz has served on the law or business faculty for colleges in Silicon Valley, Chicago, Miami, Denver and in New Orleans. Mr. Mentz teaches in the areas of Law, Tax, Finance, Management, Internet Technologies, Contracts, Media Law, e-Commerce, Project Management, Politics, and Ethics.

Mr. Mentz serves on several boards and advisory committees in the US, Europe, and Asia. Mr. Mentz is the first person in the US to be "Quad Designated" with an earned JD, MBA, certified financial consultant credential and financial planner license. Mr. Mentz has provided specialized consulting over the years as to valuation and quantum damages, and has testified as an expert in NASD arbitration hearings. Mr. Mentz was recently appointed to the Global Finance Forum Adv. Board in Switzerland and the ERISA Fiduciary Advisory Board and re-elected to the Financial Training Board for AAFM Worldwide for 2005. Mr. Mentz has trained thousands of people in the areas of law, finance, ethics, tax, corporate governance, investments, and wealth management.

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An estimated $4 billion in compensatory and punitive damages were awarded to plaintiff winners in civil trials. Juries awarded
$3.9 billion to plaintiff winners while judges awarded $368 million. The median total award for plaintiff winners in tort trials was
$27,000 and in contract trials $45,000. Punitive damages, estimated at $1.2 billion, were awarded to 6% of plaintiff winners in trials. *2001 Click to Complain

Securities Act of 1933 - Often referred to as the "truth in securities" law, the Securities Act of 1933 has two basic objectives: 1) require that investors receive financial and other significant information concerning securities being offered for public sale; and 2) prohibit deceit, misrepresentations, and other fraud in the sale of securities. Click to Complain

Transportation Fatalities: A Modal Picture - Over the last 25 years, fatalities on the nationís roads, rails, and waters and in the skies have declined. Despite progress, transportation crashes and incidents claimed 43,873 lives in 1999, of which 41,611 involved highway vehicles. Click to Complain

Wrongful Death: Damages for "wrongful death" are available for the wife, husband, parent and child of the deceased person. Sometimes, persons related by blood or marriage, who were dependent upon the deceased, may recover. Damages are not limited to economic loss and may include damages for mental anguish, emotional pain and suffering, loss of society, companionship, comfort, protection, marital care, parental care, filial care, attention, advice, counsel, training, guidance or education. Damages are available for the deceased's estate as well.

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Malpractice: Plaintiffs prevailed in about a fourth (27%) of medical malpractice trials. Half of the 311 plaintiffs who successfully
litigated a medical malpractice claim won at least $422,000, and in nearly a third of these cases, the award was $1 million or more. *2001 Click to Complain

Pain And Suffering: Ordinarily, the most "valuable" and "critical" element of your bodily injury claim is the right to compensation for physical pain and mental anguish you have suffered and will endure in the future because of your accident injury or abuse. These general damages are in addition to and may be far more than the amount of your lost earnings and medical expenses. Click to Contact Our Legal Team


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